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On this site, you will find uplifting and inspiring stories from all kinds of people about what makes them feel optimistic.

The aim is to create a platform where people can inspire each other, share experiences, and get encouraged to think about what makes them feel positive and optimistic.

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"What are personal experiences you have made that make you optimistic about Europe?" I have asked this question to people from all over Europe in ...
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How do we know about other people's lives apart from the mainstream narratives reported in the news?  Perhaps by travelling or reading blogs – although ...
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The pandemic comes at a great price for actors and artists around the world. How can you remain optimistic in the face of possible health ...
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What do the Philippines, many Native Americans tribes, Japan, Zimbabwe and Greece have in common? They all share cultural values of appreciation and respect for ...
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She has been deemed “unteachable” in high school and is now on a mission to advocate a new educational philosophy. What drives someone with such ...
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“Define your goals.” “Prioritize.”“Set deadlines.” We are often told that we achieve our goals through perfect planning. It should enable us to use our time ...
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Starting a journey of more than 8000 km based on 150 dollars and the generosity of strangers sounds a bit scary and crazy. Ori and ...
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Poverty and becoming a scientist are unfortunately often far apart. Bryan has experienced this first hand but nevertheless remains optimistic for future generations of minority ...
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Gabi, from Spain, told me that she feels optimistic because of nature. Initially, I was a bit confused by that answer. Does the present way ...
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No matter where we look at, there seems to be negative news everywhere. However, there happen to be a lot of great things going on as well. I started this project to dedicate more attention to these beautiful parts.

The mission of Call for Optimism is to bring the positive things into the spotlight and to share and spread positive news, stories, thoughts and experiences of all kinds of people.

Get involved!

What makes you feel positive and optimistic?

This might be an experience, a little moment, a present development, another person, a belief, or something entirely different. Whatever it may be, everyone’s thoughts and perspectives matter.

Call for Optimism collects and shares all the small and big reasons from all kinds of people why to be optimistic.