The mission of Call for Optimism is to bring the positive things into the spotlight and to share and spread positive news, stories, thoughts and experiences of all kinds of people.

The aim is to create a platform where people can inspire each other and share what makes them feel positive and optimistic. You can connect to likeminded people who are interested in what’s happening in the world. People, who are optimistic or in search of optimism. Call for Optimism should encourage you to think about what could actually make you optimistic – be it in your life, about society or the world.

My name is Lea, I am a sociologist and currently located in Amsterdam. The idea for this project arose as a kind of challenge – also for myself – to maintain an optimistic attitude despite the floods of negative news. I wanted to create a counter-project to the negative mentality of many people and help to adapt a different perspective that looks at the bright side.

Those with a positive mindset tend to create positive situations, while those with a negative mindset tend to create negative situations.

Joe Dispenza