Call for Optimism

What makes you feel optimistic? What drives you? What are the reasons you look positively and hopefully into the future? Everyone’s most diverse, small and big reasons come together on this platform.

Call for Optimism wants to encourage you to pause for a moment and reflect on the positive things in your life.

Become part of the project and share your very own individual reasons that make you feel optimistic, that motivate you and that give you hope and confidence.

Those awesome and inspiring stories and reasons to be optimistic are then going to be shared on this site.

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Detailed call for optimism

Do you sometimes wonder what is going on in the world? Sometimes (often!) it can be quite depressing to watch or read the news. No need to despair, because there happen to be a lot of great things going on as well. On this site you will find all these inspiring stories that will give you cause for more optimism.

The destruction and exploitation of nature reached a record high in many ways: The past three years marked record losses of forest area worldwide1 and already today there are more microplastics in the oceans than stars in the Milky Way2. In addition, we are witnessing an increase in climate-related natural disasters, such as floods, storms, droughts and forest fires3.

There exist major national and global inequalities, for example in terms of health, education and income4. The total number of people fleeing war, conflict and persecution has never been as high as it is today5. At the same time, growing nationalism and right-wing populism seem to replace international treaties and cooperation in various regions of the world6.

Corruption7, cyber security threats8, powerful lobbies pulling the strings9, young people with depression and anxiety10 and a resurgence of armed conflicts11, severe hunger and food waste over the last few years12 – just to name a few more of the alarming global issues.

You wonder how you can stay positive and optimistic?

Hearing about such and similar developments every day can easily make you feel hopeless, frustrated, discouraged or cynical.

However, there are also plenty of positive news and stories out there.

A random list of examples could include that the first patients are helped with artificially grown organs13 and that we make major progress in tackling diseases like type 1 diabetes and HIV14. Another great achievement is that the share of people in extreme poverty has decreased continuously over the last two centuries15. Likewise, an ever smaller proportion of the world’s population must live under laws that criminalize homosexuality16. Since 1990 great progress has been made in improving water and sanitation coverage worldwide17. In 2010 the United Nations (UN) even declared the access to safe and clean water and sanitation a human right.

Who would have thought that we could once get our veggies from underground farms located 10 stories underneath a megacity?18 Another genius breakthrough regarding food and drinks: A brewery created a biodegradable and edible six-pack ring that feeds turtles, seabirds and co. instead of harming them19.

These and other positive developments are just not as present in the mass media. This is why I want to give them a bigger place. I want to provide a platform to connect people who feel the same and most importantly to share all the small and big reasons why and how to be optimistic.

You want to share your story or you know an inspiring person who should not be missing on this site? Let me know!