Time to Switch to the Most Exciting News Channel

Man with smartphone in Paris, missing the most exciting news channel, namely the life around him.
A man sitting with his smartphone in the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris. © JL

Mornings or evenings, whether you are online or offline, at home or on the road – news is all around us, on various channels. However, you might forget to have a look at the most exciting news channel of all. Octavian brings the attention back to what we are overlooking.

It all began with 150 hectares of rainforest in the far north of New Zealand and the realization that it was too cold to grow orange and olive trees there. Instead Octavian decided to found the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary at this place, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection of New Zealand’s native flora and fauna. I believe that the years of experience as director of the Sanctuary have also shaped his inspiring response, or rather approach, to the question of what makes him optimistic:

What is this world coming to?

When following the easiest to access news sources: Internet, TV, radio, or newspapers, it seems like something bad happens every minute. We seem to forget that if out of 7.5 billion people 10,000 of them encounter a severe misfortune, the rest of the 7.5 billion are still ok. Nevertheless, the bad news keep piling up and sooner or later each of us reaches the point at which we start feeling powerless to do anything that can change things for the better.

Your own rich channel

When that happens, it is time to change the channel. We all have access to a free 24h live stream: it is called our life. Some have already discovered what an amazing channel this is, others think it is a rather boring one where not much happens.

The good news is that most of the time we are in charge of what is happening there. With patience, determination, hard work, awareness, and focus we can make changes.

Nothing earth-shattering will happen instantaneously but there is a sure progression: first, you will be able to change your world, then you will be able to change the world immediately around you, and then, as you connect to other like-minded people and start following their channels who knows what this world might be coming to?

So, what do you think? What makes you optimistic when you think about where the world is heading to? Maybe some experiences you made in your very personal news channel? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and thank you, Octavian, for sharing your story.

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