Feeling Optimistic Because of the Miracle of Nature

miracle of nature
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Gabi, from Spain, told me that she feels optimistic because of nature. Initially, I was a bit confused by that answer. Does the present way in which mankind treats nature not rather give rise to pessimism? But what Gabi meant is something much more profound.

Miracle nature

I feel optimistic when I think at the environment because it seems to me like a miracle. How everything is working, the nature is wisdom.

Perhaps you have experienced yourself a situation in which you faced, for example, an infinite panoramic landscape and simply felt awe. Be it the sight of fjords, mountains, deserts, the sky, the ocean, a sunset, a rainbow, forests, coasts, glaciers or waterfalls when you can be nothing but stunned and feel very tiny. Yes, our environment is truly breathtaking!

It is not just beautiful but also fascinating how everything seems to happen for a reason.

A plant and its fruits, for example, serve as food for many animals. These plant-eaters, in turn, help the plant by disseminating its seeds with their excrements in different places. A whale that dies sinks to the bottom of the sea and provides a habitat for many other deep-sea animals, a so-called whale-fall ecosystem. No matter how cemented, cultivated or poisoned a place – nature always conquers it back eventually.

Throughout centuries nature has developed a sophisticated system in which everything has its purpose, even if we might not recognize it.

Forgotten connection

We are entirely dependent on this wonderful system: It is our sole supplier of oxygen, water, food and other resources, to name but a few. However, especially in our urban way of living this can sometimes get out of our sight. We take nature’s services for granted, let alone find them fascinating. Unwillingly, it can easily happen that we live out of alignment with nature and forget our connection to her. For example, when a large part of the world has light even when it is night, eats meat without ever seeing the animal, is able to eat any fruit and vegetable regardless of the seasons.


Over the past years, tons of research have piled up demonstrating that exposure to nature has positive effects on humans. This is not really a big surprise, considering that we are also just a tiny part of Mother Nature’s system. Reconnecting to her, might be reconnection to ourselves as natural human beings.

I try to feel the environment, pay attention, smell, hear… get involved in this world.

Gabi is optimistic that it is possible for everyone to experience a close connection with nature – even if this may require more conscious efforts considering our urban lifestyles. Therefore, she actively tries to find her way into nature as often as possible to connect to it and feel its incredible, all-encompassing power. Because trusting in this power of nature, which in the end will always be able to create a perfect balance of all things, can make people optimistic and confident about the future.

Thanks for reading and thank you, Gabi, for sharing your story.

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