Creating hope with creativity, art, origami

The Art of Hope During Lockdown

The pandemic comes at a great price for actors and artists around the world. How can you remain optimistic in the face of possible health and existential worries and the inability to carry out your profession and passion? In this article, Alys talks about her lockdown experiences and why any act of creation is profoundly optimistic. From Scottish dancing to mezzo-soprano Alys is a professional actress and theatre-maker from the… Read More »The Art of Hope During Lockdown

Trusting the universe has my back

Optimistic Because the Universe Has My Back

“Define your goals.” “Prioritize.”“Set deadlines.” We are often told that we achieve our goals through perfect planning. It should enable us to use our time most efficiently and to work towards our 3- or 5-year goals. But does perfect planning and seemingly almost complete control over things leave room for personal development? What if we cannot foresee everything or what if something goes wrong? A personal development that you try… Read More »Optimistic Because the Universe Has My Back

Door and pattern

How a Slammed Door Might Lead to Your New Best Friend

We all have experienced the feeling of a door being slammed right into our face. What does this have to do with optimism, you might ask. Katti is truly passionate about positive psychology – a spirit that reflects in her answer to the question of what makes her optimistic. She particularly likes one aspect of the idea of optimism: to be optimistic things don’t always have to go smoothly. Check… Read More »How a Slammed Door Might Lead to Your New Best Friend

Man with smartphone in Paris, missing the most exciting news channel, namely the life around him.

Time to Switch to the Most Exciting News Channel

Mornings or evenings, whether you are online or offline, at home or on the road – news is all around us, on various channels. However, you might forget to have a look at the most exciting news channel of all. Octavian brings the attention back to what we are overlooking. It all began with 150 hectares of rainforest in the far north of New Zealand and the realization that it… Read More »Time to Switch to the Most Exciting News Channel