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Old lady with treasure of knowledge

Reconnect to Our Largest Treasure of Knowledge

What do the Philippines, many Native Americans tribes, Japan, Zimbabwe and Greece have in common? They all share cultural values of appreciation and respect for age. „Mano po“ is a Filipino honouring gesture to show respect when addressing someone older. Thereby the younger person bends over and places the older person’s hand on his/her forehead. Numerous Native American legends testify to the deeply rooted respect for elders by featuring wise… Read More »Reconnect to Our Largest Treasure of Knowledge

Trusting the universe has my back

Optimistic Because the Universe Has My Back

“Define your goals.” “Prioritize.”“Set deadlines.” We are often told that we achieve our goals through perfect planning. It should enable us to use our time most efficiently and to work towards our 3- or 5-year goals. But does perfect planning and seemingly almost complete control over things leave room for personal development? What if we cannot foresee everything or what if something goes wrong? A personal development that you try… Read More »Optimistic Because the Universe Has My Back

Young minority scientist Bryan

The Rocky Journey of Fulfilling a Dream

Poverty and becoming a scientist are unfortunately often far apart. Bryan has experienced this first hand but nevertheless remains optimistic for future generations of minority scientists. Because he knows that sometimes one person is enough to make all the difference. Bryan from the United States is – amongst many other things – a PhD candidate in immunology. A dream that at times seemed unrealistic and unattainable considering the place where… Read More »The Rocky Journey of Fulfilling a Dream